High Quality Fish Oil – Your Guide to Finding a High Quality Fish Oil Supplement Online


Good and reputable fish oil supplement manufacturers follow the purity guidelines thoroughly and have a high customer satisfaction ratio. You can read about that on their websites. But before choosing a supplement company you need to remember a few other points as well to find yourself a high-quality fish oil supplement product online.

First of all find out the range of supplements a particular company has to offer. Good companies offer products targeting a certain disease or health condition. The name of the supplement product is also significant in this regard. If they have named it according to a disease, you can be assured that there is thorough research and testing involved behind it to conclude that this product is good for patients of such-and-such disease.

After this, read the list of ingredients found in a particular fish oil supplement. If some additives and preservatives have been added to make it long-lasting, they might make the overall supplement less effective and not useful for your long-term health.

Ultra-refined and ultra-purified fish oil products are provided by companies that use pharmaceutical grade fish oil in their supplement processing. In addition to this, the content of high quality fish oil should be made up of at least 60% of both essential fatty acids combined. In any case, the concentration of DHA should not be less than 18%. Higher concentration of DHA means the product is of superior quality. This is because DHA is more important for our body than EPA and helps in fighting against many diseases.

Molecular distillation makes grades of fish oil supplements different from one another. Some companies employ this process to purify their oil, while others claim that this is not necessary. However, you must keep in mind that molecular distillation not only removes the impurities found in fish oil in the form of mercury and dioxins, but also balances out the concentration of other nutrients like vitamin A and D, if present. So, high quality fish oil is processed and packed after going through the process of molecular or high-vacuum distillation.

Always find out about the source of oil from which the supplement has been made. Many companies do not disclose their source of fish oil at all. This cannot make you satisfied. Not only the source, but also the location of fish is also important to be known. High quality fish oil supplements are made in New Zealand and Norway. Oily fish found in these regions of the world are less contaminated and the oil obtained from them does not require too much purification.

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