Essential Fatty Acids Can Help With Attention Defict

Essential fatty acids are necessary for the brain to function as it should. They also help you to be healthier. Children who exhibit symptoms of Attention Deficit have been found to have lower levels of Omega 3 fatty acid. Not having enough Omega 3 fatty acid alters the chemicals in the brain that help children with attention spans and being motivated. They are also helpful for communication from the body to the brain. A deficiency can lead to not enough Dopamine or Serotonin which in term results in Attention Deficit.

One study conducted on young males with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder showed they had lower levels of Polyunsaturated and Omega 3 fatty acids, leading to the assumption that there is a link between the two. A great book to read on the subject is called Smart Fats by Michael Schmidt. The book discusses Jamie, a 10 year old boy who struggles because of various behavior problems since a very early age. He has a hard time paying attention, he is aggressive, and his coordination is off balance. He also struggled in school and paying sports. Jamie was then given supplements of fatty acids including DHA, GLA, and ALA that were extracted from DHA, Primrose, and flax seed oils. Within six months he was a completely different person. His mother was very happy with the improvements to his motor skills, balance, and behaviors.

Many other studies have taken place to study the relationship between essential fatty acids and treating Attention Deficit. However, the results have not been consistent so while it is possible that your child can benefit from an essential fatty acid supplement, he or she may not but there is no harm in trying. In many cases though, adding essential fatty acids have promoted positive brain functions.

You can also find more information on essential fatty acids [] and fatty fish walnuts []. is a comprehensive resource to help individuals gain the benefits of essential nutrition such as flax seed oil, omega 3 and vitamin B12.

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