Sunless Tanning Methods


When it comes to getting a great tan without the risks associated with UV rays, sunless tanning products come in very handy. (Yes- even you who is afraid to wear shorts because of your ghost-white legs!)

This article will highlight several safe methods of self tanning.


Bronzers, a simply cosmetic form of sunless tanning, comes in the form of moisturizers (lotions, creams, etc) or powders. Bronzers provide a temporary tan by leaving a tint on portions of the body the cream is applied. Bronzers are a great sunless tanning product for someone looking for a quick tan to look sun-kissed for an event. Most bronzers can wash off with soap and water. In addition to self-tanning lotions containing bronzers, many make-up companies also have compacts and foundations that contain bronzers to give the face that special glow.

As these tanners literally dye the skin, caution must be used during the application process, as the product can streak. Also, one should allow time for the bronzer to dry completely to avoid staining clothes. Aside from working alone, bronzers are also included as an ingredient in tanning lotions and also work along with other chemicals in sunless tanning booths, which we discuss below.

Tanning Lotions

These can come in the form of gels, lotions, moisturizers or sprays. These tanning lotions, with products made for all skin types and shades, contain DHA, the chemical that changes the skin color. Many also contain bronzers to give an instant color. These lotions when used over several days can result in a nice looking tan. Tanning at home is very easy with these products. Since many do contain that bronzing element, it is very important to follow directions carefully-such as washing hands after and also avoiding rough spots like elbows.

Sunless Tanning Booths

Sunless tanning booths are becoming very popular as an alternative to UV tanning booths. When the customer follows the directions properly, these sunless tanning booths can produce an instantly flawless tan.

These tanning booths are equipped with an air brush delivery system that sprays on a tanning solution comprised of DHA and bronzers. So, the bronzers give an instant color and the tanning solution with DHA gives a deeper color that allows this instant tan to last up to a week.

When customers enter the booth, they are misted on several times with the system that can contain up to 36 airbrushers. After each mist, the customer and sprayers change positions, allowing the tan to cover even those hard to reach body parts. Many say that while pricier than tan-in-a-can, the tan is smoother and covers better.

Tanning Pills

The FDA has not approved tanning pills containing the chemical canthaxanthin. However, these seem to be growing in popularity. These pills contain canthaxanthin, which is a color additive for food. The FDA has approved this substance for use in food, however as mentioned before, not for tanning products. Just like it would with food, these pills can turn the skin an orange-brown colored tan. There could be side effects from this tanning method.

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