Hair Removal Prescription – What You Need to Know

Hair removal can be a painful process requiring a skilled hand. There is no need for hair removal prescriptions especially for the non-permanent hair removal procedures such as waxing and shaving. Some procedures such as laser treatment, also more commonly known as electrolysis, do need hair removal prescriptions from cosmetic surgeons or physicians because of the hazards involved for certain candidates.

Some Hair Removal Procedures Require a Prescription

Laser hair removal prescriptions are required because the process is a highly technical one and needs to be carried out by a skilled physician or doctor. Laser hair removal is risky for certain skin types. Dark skinned people are prone to the aftereffects of laser hair removal, which can be burning or blistering.

A certain condition called ‘striping’ is a common occurrence after undergoing laser hair removal and it can be a traumatic experience for a first timer. Apart from this there are different hair types such as blond and red hair that do not react kindly to laser hair removal. Determining whether your skin is ideal for laser hair removal is what calls for a hair removal prescription.

If you have excessive hair and decide to do something about it on a permanent level, there is only laser treatment that can get the desired results. There are a few conditions that the candidate must conform to in order to undergo the laser treatment. The skin type must be analyzed and so must the skin’s reaction to the treatment. A qualified physician or cosmetic surgeon can only do this.

Once the physician determines that the after effects are nothing worth worrying about since they will only be around for a very short time, he or she may issue a hair removal prescription without which you will not be able to undergo permanent hair removal treatments. These are lengthy processes and require multiple sessions spread over a period of three to ten months depending on the candidate.

Non-Prescription Methods

For other procedures such as waxing, shaving, using the epilator, sugaring and chemical hair removal techniques, one does not require a hair removal prescription. These are safe methods and can be done by anyone at home or at the parlor. These methods are also not very permanent. The most long lasting hair removal procedure among these is waxing for which no hair removal prescription is needed.

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