Mastering the Straps on Your Bra

The modern bra is a multifunction device. It provides support and shaping for the specific look you are after. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide comfort for many of us because we simply don’t understand the purpose of the straps or how to use them.

One look at a bra and the mechanics seem simple. The cups shape things and the straps provide support similar to something you might see in a hanging plant. This assumption is accurate so far as the cup purpose goes, but the straps on a bra are one of the most misunderstood things in women’s clothing.

At its core, a bra is a mechanical device. The goal of the design is to provide support to the breasts. Now here is the key thing to pay attention to. The support is provided from the bottom up, not the top down. What does this mean? It is pretty simple. Your bra should take the weight of the breast on the band that circles the bottom of brassiere around your body. The straps are intended to be a supplemental support system for the band, not the primary weight bearing element of the bra.

To get a better grasp of this, picture a strapless bra. How does it provide support? The band running around the bottom acts as the entire support mechanism. This is essentially how every bra you have should work. The straps should never provide more than 20 percent of the total support and rarely that much. Get this right and you are going to notice a major difference in how you feel. No more sore shoulders. No knot in the middle of your upper back. No deep red marks on your shoulders from the straps. It will be heaven!

Ah, but we are not done yet. The straps on your bra are adjustable. Obviously! So, how do you adjust them? Well, we all have different types of bodies so there is no pat answer. In general, the straps should be loose. Remember, they are a backup support system for the band on the bottom of the bra. As a general rule, adjust them so that you can fit two fingers under them without any problem. As you get used to wearing a bra the correct way, you can then adjust the straps to your preference.

When it comes to bras, there is a certain element of Pavlov’s dogs involved. If you’ve used the straps as the primary support mechanism for your bra, and many have, it is going to feel very strange when your wear the bra with the support from the bottom up. Stick with it. In a few days, the sensation will be gone and you’ll be happy you made the change.

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