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People choose to have nose surgery for a variety of reasons,Guest Posting including having a more pleasing appearance.

Change the size of your nose by altering the way that your nose looks or the way your nostrils look. 

People who have very large noses may want their noses to be smaller. They can achieve this by modifying the structure of their noses. Revel You Plastic Surgery performs rhinoplasty in The Woodlands to correct a patient’s nose shape by altering the bones that make up the nose. The extent to which changes are made depends on each patient’s requirements and expectations. 

Change the look of the nose by changing the angle of the nose or changing the shape of the bridge of the nose.

Some people suffer from a crooked nose because of an accident or a genetic defect. Dr. Wu performs rhinoplasty to straighten the nose and achieve a more beautiful appearance. Dr. Wu performs rhinoplasty to correct nasal deformations and to create a more symmetrical appearance that is proportionate to a patient’s face. 

Straighten the nostrils and achieve an even appearance. 

Patients who have a large hump on their nose either because they were born with one or because of a previous injury or trauma to the area. Patients may find that a humped nose or a badly shaped bridge to the nose is uncomfortable or that it distracts people from being attractive. Plastic surgeons perform rhinoplasty to create a straight nose and to make patients look more attractive. This procedure involves changing the shape of the nasal bones and cartilage to allow for a more attractive appearance. 

Rejuvenate nasal septum by having nostrils reshape or uneven nose.

It is not unusual for people to have an unsymmetrical or uneven nose. It is common for people to have an unevenly-shaped nose and this is one of the reasons why patients choose to have an aesthetic rhinoplasty. Plastic surgeons aim to achieve a more even and balanced appearance, so that patients can feel more confident in their looks. It is important to note that rhinoplasty to correct an uneven nose is a delicate procedure and that many people have to wait for a year before the final results of the surgery are visible. 

Do away with a large nose. Sometimes, people find that having nostrils that are slightly wide is more attractive than getting a nose job.

 Nostrils that are wider than normal are considered to be ugly because they cause the nose to look larger than it is. Plastic surgeons perform rhinoplasty to make the nostrils appear narrower and therefore create a more attractive and attractive facial profile. 

Reorient the tip of the nose. 

The shape of the tip of the nose may not correspond with what a patient’s facial features are like. It may appear that the tip of the nose is slightly droopy or that it is very large when viewed from a patient’s perspective. Rhinoplasty can help you improve the look of your nose, to improve the balance of your facial features. 


Nose surgery, also called functional rhinoplasty, is used to correct problems with the nose that are caused by medical reasons. There are many reasons why people decide to have this procedure, such as:

Reduce symptoms of breathing problems.

Many people have difficulty breathing because of issues such as having an uneven nose, a crooked nose, or a deviated septum. Functional rhinoplasty alters the structure of the nose in order to allow air to flow more easily through the nostrils and improves your ability to breathe.

Fix nasal problems or sinusitis. 

Nasal polyps or a deviated septum may cause sinus problems and sometimes cause severe sinusitis. By performing rhinoplasty, plastic surgeons are able to correct the position of drooping cartilage and improve the overall structure of the nose. 

Reduce pain and/or discomfort that people experience from having migraines. 

There isn’t enough evidence to support that rhinoplasty may cause people to suffer from migraines. It isn’t clear whether rhinoplasty causes people with migraines to feel better or not. However, some people have reported that they feel better during their treatments. 

Relieve sleep apnea symptoms.

It is beneficial for patients who suffer from sleep apnea (e.g., snoring) because it helps them to breathe normally. It is not obvious how rhinoplasty can help people who sleep apnea, and so you should consult your doctor before proceeding with this procedure. 

The procedure can also help if you have a cleft lip and palate. 

Cleft palate or cleft lip is one of the most common birth defects that cause abnormalities in the structure of the lips and nose. Functional rhinoplasty can be performed on children as soon as they are about eight years old in order to improve the appearance and symmetry of their faces and to improve their quality of life. 


There are some cases in which insurance companies will agree to pay for nose reshaping surgery that is carried out for medical reasons. But you may be asked to pay out of pocket if you are having the surgery done purely for cosmetic reasons. It is important that you work with a seasoned plastic surgeon whether you are having rhinoplasty to improve your overall appearance or for cosmetic reasons. Taking time to prepare for the procedure and to ensure a quick recovery can help to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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