Six Important Things to Consider Before You Start Piercing


Piercing Jewelry is quite popular these days. Gold jewelry for body piercing is the most famous today, it originates from way, way back in the old times when it was widely used as body ornament.

Today you can see that famous people to ordinary ones in the street are sporting this thing. It has become a fashion trend in the world of jewelry today, even become a status symbol for some.

But before you even decide to have any part of your body pierced, know that this is more than a fashion or status symbol for this involves your health. It is just right to consider the following points before going to pierce.

  • Go to a professional piercer. Make sure that his piercing studio has all the documents to prove its legal operation and that he is apt to perform any type of piercing.
  • Inspect their instruments and place. All instruments should be sterilized and all surfaces should be clean. The person as well who will perform the procedure should follow the right medical procedure like wear gloves, protective clothing, hair covering and should wash and brush their hands before they pierce you.
  • A professional piercer will use only disposable needles and all dressings as well as gold body jewelry is sterile packed.
  • Healing usually takes six to eight weeks but it is better to give your body more time to adjust before you start changing your belly body jewelry. A good after care should be observed and one should follow the instruction of the piercer to the dot for faster healing.
  • Check out the best metal options you have for body jewelry like surgical implant stainless steel, surgical implant titanium, 14 karat or 18 karat gold.
  • Avoid this kind of metal options like Sterling silver for new piercing. Silver tarnish and that’s not good with open wound at all. Gold plated jewelry isn’t good too because it might cause irritation and infection.

With all things considered above, you are ready to get pierced. Always make sure to go to a professional piercer and if you are not yet sure what metal to use for then ask your professional piercer for any recommendations on the best metal choice to use.When healing time is done then the fun begins when you start to choose your body piercing jewelry. For one, there is a huge selection you can choose from in your favorite jewelry store or even when you shop online.

It is best recommended though to shop online for you will get a lot of choices at a low price. Search for jewelry store online and find the merchant that offers you the most savings at the same time getting high quality of the body jewelry that you want. You surely get the best deal of your money when you shop online.

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