Seiko Watches Throughout the Years

There are two things that you should know in order to make sure if the watch manufacturer is reliable are the name and the awards that it has received throughout its years in business. As long as its name is known, you can say that many people buy the product. And when it comes to awards, this means that the product made have reached the standards in manufacturing these products.

One of these companies that are popular in the market is Seiko. As you know, you will find a lot of Seiko watches sold in the market. Throughout the years, they have already sold a lot of watches on the market. And with all the watches sold, there are a number of awards that they have obtained throughout the years of their service on the market. The following are the awards obtained by Seiko watches starting from 1968.

– They received an award from Geneva Observatory Competition under the Best Mechanical Wrist chronometer in 1968.

– In 1980, they won the Grand Prix at the Prix de la Ville de Genève.

– In 1983, Seiko has been acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records because of its smallest watch in the world. This watch has a very small LCD display on it. The watch is connected to a receiver that can be placed in the pocket to start watching a number of shows on it. In order to listen on it, the ear phone is connected on the receiver. And this watch is not only regarded as the smallest watch in the world but also holds the title the first TV watch in the world.

– Seiko watches again won the Grand Prix at the Prix de la Ville de Genève in 1990.

– In 2000, Seiko watches’ Sportura Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph was given the award Watch of the Year by the Die Presse. Die Presse is a daily newspaper in Austria.

– They received the IEEE Milestone Award for their Seiko Quarts Astron in 2004.

– In 2006, the Spring Drive SNR005 received the Time Magazine’s Design award of watch.

– They also received the Golden Wheel Award from Uhren-Magazine for their Spring Drive SNR011 in 2008.

– Their Spring Drive Chronograph received also the Watch of the Year Award from Horloges Magazine in 2008.

And aside from these awards, you will see that the history of the Seiko watches have gone a long way. There are a number of watches that can be considered as they are the first manufacturer to produce innovative watches. And through the years, they continued to develop their watches in order to match the needs of their demanding clients and market.

In conclusion, Seiko watches have been among the popular watches in the world. And without a doubt, they have continued to apply the latest innovations in order to create watches that will meet the requirements of the modern and technical world. You will find their watches and see how they have established their name in the market.

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