Natural Remedy For Hair Growth – Real Advice To Treat Your Hair

In this article I’m going to talk about a natural remedy for hair growth. If you are thinking about using an natural remedy to stop your hair loss and re-grow you hair its an extremely effective solution. This is because certain herbs can help to stop certain chemicals in your scalp that have been inhibiting your hair follicle growth. The reason why natural remedies are so popular is because they will allow you to see results without having to deal with any nasty side effects. Many medicically engineered drugs such as Propecia may help you to treat your hair, but they will add their own set of negative side effects which makes it unrealistic to add to your lifestyle. These include sexual side effects and psychological side effects such as anxiety and depression. A certain mix of herbs can give you just as effective results without showing negative side effects. Here is one of the most important ones you need to be implementing for a solid natural remedy for hair growth.

Nettle Root

If you didn’t already know, one of the most important things you should be doing is blocking the chemical DHT in your scalp from harming your hair. This is because DHT is what’s responsible for most of your hair loss. It attaches to hair follicles and retards their growth which thins them and eventually has them fall out without re-growth. DHT is made by an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase. The reason why Nettle Root is so important is because blocks 5 alpha reductase which will inhibit it from making DHT. This will ultimately help to stop your hair loss and to promote new hair growth.

Important Points To Note

Although Nettle Root is a great natural remedy for hair growth, it needs to be taken alongside other important herbs in order to realistically see the results your looking for. These herbs include Saw Palmetto (blocks DHT), Cucurbita Maxima (prevents hair loss), and Uva Ursi (promotes hair growth) just to name a few. It gets very difficult to get a hold of all these individual herbs and take them separately. It is also hard to take the right mix of them to see the best results. I would suggest using a herbal hair treatment pill the encompasses all of these essential herbs and others. The reason why is because it is a lot more convenient because you just have to take a capsule in the morning and night. The second and most important reason, is because the right mix of these herbs are added together which will give you the most potent formula to show you the most results. The large majority of users of these types of pills have seen a lot of results. Its the most realistic way to stop your hair loss and re-grow your hair.

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