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At least 60% of all men will see a degree of hair loss before age 50. Many are going bald at an alarming rate and do not know what to do to stop it. If you are among the many, there exists natural cures for baldness that really work.

These proven hair loss secrets are in fact right under your nose, you just may never have thought that they work in regrowing hair.

Hair loss products are big business in our society today. Many treatments for baldness are available that claim to help stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth .

Some various hair loss treatments are hair transplants. In these surgeries, hair is transplanted or moved from a healthy area of the scalp such as the back of the head, and placed in thinning areas.

This treatment alone can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the procedure. More commonly you see on television or magazines the assortments of products in the form of cremes, solutions, and prescription pills that regrow hair.

It would be wise to discern which ones are effective. Many contain chemicals that cause side effects. The best way to stop hair loss and grow more hair is by using natural cures for baldness. These natural remedies for balding and thinning hair are not only cheap, but they work miracles for lost hair.

One example of a natural cure is Saw Palmetto. It’s suggested you take 1,500 mg per day to get real results from it. This herb can be purchased in any vitamin shop or nutrition center.

Another wonderful example that produces mind-blowing hair loss results is olive oil. When applied topically to any balding or thin areas of the scalp, it lifts trapped dirt better than shampoo to effectively promote hair growth.

There are many natural cures for baldness that you need to know about. Log on to [] to find out what they are, and discover how shampoo can lead to baldness. Larry Rogers is a dermatologist who has helped many treat baldness.

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