Hair Replacement Options Reviewed

The following are natural hair replacement options. Consider these when you don’t want to put any harsh chemicals into your hair or if you simply prefer going the natural route. They are a very safe way to handle hair replacement and can be used supplementally with stronger chemical treatments.

1. Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) traditionally used as an herbal medicine in treating enlargement of the prostate. Studies have indicated that it does this the same as to the drug finasteride by blocking the production of DHT in the body. When applied to the scalp in a topical solution, it blocks only local DHT production in the scalp. Intake of saw palmetto extract prevent the DHT production in the body entirely. Although there is presumably less or no unwanted side effects in taking saw palmetto, there is presently no research that connects saw palmetto in preventing hair loss.

2. Biotin, Folic Acid, and Inositol

Biotin Deficiency can lead to hair loss and premature graying of the hair. Folic acid and inositol deficiency have been related to serious hair loss.

3. Vitamin B12, Iron, and Zinc

By taking Vitamin B12, iron and zinc supplements, can lead to hair regrowth.

II – Medical Treatments:

4. Rogaine (minoxidil)

Do note that Rogaine does not really cure baldness; as a matter of fact, no studies show how it works. It does not grow hair on a completely bald scalp; it tends to delay hairloss in such areas that are extremely reduced. It is possible that Rogaine extend the growth stage of the hair, which ceases or delay the process of miniaturization. Rogaine should be applied twice daily; once a day treatment is not effective, and hair growth results may not be as excellent as you imagine; since Rogaine works by increasing hair thickness, that are miniaturized already, many individuals see noticeable growth of fuzzy and fine hair which does not likely to grow long. Usually it is effective only top of the head or the crown, and not at the front area of the head. It normally takes six to twelve months to see some results; to some individuals, they do not even notice a change until they stop using the medication. Do note however, that discontinuing the medication for as long as three months, any regrowth or hair appearance will disappear. So then if Rogaine works for you, you should continue with the medication or you will lose any benefit that it has shown.

5. Propecia (finasteride)

The drug finasteride, available in the market as Proscar for treatment symptoms of prostate enlargement, perform by restraining the action of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme in charge for changing testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As DHT is responsible for hair growth also in the face, increased occurrence of acne, enlargement of the prostate gland, and is essential in the advancementt of male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). Testosterone, is the male hormone, and is in charge for the changes that take place during puberty such as the lowering of one’s voice, an increase in muscle mass, etc. When testosterone is not enough, there is a possibility that sex drive will decrease depression, erectile dysfunction, and a loss of muscle mass. Meaning, most of what DHT carry out, an individual can do without. However, Testosterone is very essential. In studies, men who took the one milligram dose of Propecia, their levels declined by about two-thirds; testosterone levels were maintained within normal range, and also a ten percent increase was noted.

6. Hair Replacement Procedure:

– The surgeon with your participation will make a sketch which suggests the placement of the hairline.

– Preparation of the donor area. The hair at the back of the head is lifted and a strip of hair is trimmed off. The hair above will cover the trimmed area.

– Local anesthesia is then applied and narrow strips of skin with hair are taken from the donor area and the area from which the skin was taken is sewed together.

– Tiny grafts containing between one to three hairs are prepared and separated under a microscope to keep and maintain and sustain each and every hair follicle as possible.

– The surgeon then constructs the site, making minute incisions at the hairline where the grafts should be placed.

– As the surgeon works, he gradually makes larger slit incisions to fix into place each graft.

7. Different Combination Techniques For Hair Transplant:

– Follicular units

– Single hair grafting

– Slit grafting

– Mini -slot grafting

– Linear slot grafting

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