Hair Loss: Peoples Reaction to Losing Hair


The most common type of hair loss, is called Androgenetic Alopecia and is a hereditary condition that accounts for the vast majority of all cases of baldness in men and women.

The condition varies between the sexes with women seeing their hair gradually thinning all over the head. Unlike men, whose hairline generally recedes from the forehead.

One’s genetics determine the extent of hair loss and at what age the condition will commence.

Other causes of hair loss can be the taking of certain medications, wearing the hair tightly braided or in tight ponytails.

Stress and tension can also trigger baldness in certain people.

The first reaction to the realization of hair loss is to simply shrug it off and ignore it. This is particularly evident amongst younger people who are experiencing premature signs of baldness.

Some young men, particularly those in their late teens and early twenties, who are faced with a receding hairline don’t pay much attention to the fact as it has the effect of making them look older. This, of course, is quite acceptable to them.

However, as the condition progresses and the hair loss becomes quite apparent, the situation can become most traumatic for the afflicted.

Men may become depressed and anxious, their self-esteem may plunge, and they may become more and more withdrawn from the world. Their various attempts to disguise the balding may inhibit their desire to run, swim, or perform any exercise, or to be outdoors in windy or humid conditions that could hamper their efforts to disguise their thinning hair.

People often begin to avoid intimate contact with others. These can constitute major negative effects on physical and psycho-emotional health.

Long ago, a full head of hair was valued as a means of protection, warmth and camouflage.

Today we value hair as an enhancement, good hair is associated with power, virility and youth.
The bald or balding are sometimes passed over and teased at work, in the media and in the social scene. The media idolizes the young and the attractive and often lampoons the bald or balding.

Hair loss can result in various psychological and emotional issues including insecurity, isolation, panic, a sense of loss and depression, as well as suicidal tendencies.

The tendency to look at a mirror is curbed and only done when necessary and even then only facial features are brought into focus.
The number of situations where ones image can be reflected is enormous, for instance, shop, bus and train windows are to be avoided especially in direct light.

Being bald makes people self conscious, prematurely deprives them of their youthful looks and behavior, it affects their interaction with other people and, in extreme cases, can be regarded as a physical disability.

People should remind themselves that being bald is in no way going to alter the affections of the people that most matter to them.

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