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In this article I’m going to talk about baldness hair loss treatment. Balding is an embarrassing condition that takes away your self confidence and lessens your self esteem. When my hair was falling out, it was depressing seeing hair collect on the bottom of the shower or on my pillow after I woke up in the morning. I felt that my physical appearance was so affected by my hair loss. I tried as many solutions as I could to help salvage my hair. I had some interesting findings and posted them below. I hope you enjoy!

Hair Transplant Surgery – One of the best ways I’ve read to regrow your hair is through a hair transplant surgery. These types of surgeries make your hair look extremely natural which is a huge benefit.

These types procedures involve transplanting the hair follicles from the back of your head. These are important because they are resistant to the chemicals that are responsible for hair loss. These are follicles are then transplanted into the balding regions in the top of your head. The reason why so many people look into hair transplant surgery is since the hair follicles you are transferring are resistant to baldness, the results you’ll see will last a lifetime.

This surgery is looked at as the best option. There are some huge downsides though. This procedure is extremely difficult and specialized which means there aren’t too many doctors that can successfully perform this sort of surgery. Since these types of doctors are so scarce, the cost of such a hair transplant surgery are extremely expensive, starting around the $4000 range.

Best Baldness Hair Loss Treatment – Herbal DHT Blockers – I couldn’t afford that type of surgery and I also wasn’t going to risk giving away so much money to a procedure that may not be successful. I decided to find a DHT blocking formula since I read such good things on DHT blockers around the internet. If you didn’t know by know, DHT is the chemical that retards the growth of your hair follicles. If you can block DHT from doing this, you can stop your hair loss and promote new hair growth.

There are a ton of drugs that block DHT that you can obtain with a prescription from your local doctor, Propecia being one of the more popular options. The reason why I didn’t go with these drugs is because since they aren’t natural, the side effects can be pretty intense. I’ve heard a large majority of its users had a loss of sex drive and loss of energy. DHT blocking solutions are long term treatments that you add into your lifestyle so those drugs didn’t seem realistic for the long run.

I decided to go with herbal DHT blockers because they pretty much do the same thing as far as their effectiveness in blocking DHT. The major difference is you won’t have have to add in any negative side effects into your lifestyle since they are an herbal option. I started using Provillus about 4 weeks ago and my hair has already stopped falling out. I’m not experiencing and side effects which is the great part. So I would suggest Herbal DHT blocking formulas as the best baldness hair loss treatment.

What about Rogaine?!? It’s one of the most popular products for hair loss treatment and I didn’t even mention it. Click here [] to find out if it even compares to Provillus and to read other reviews of the top baldness hair loss treatments.

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