Hot Tools Spring Curling Irons – Review


For an exceptional curling iron at an affordable price, professional stylists and consumers alike recognize Hot Tools as a must have appliance brand. Hot Tools Professional provides curling irons that are built to last; with patented heating technology and quality barrels, these irons ensure perfect results every time.

Hot Tools offers a full line of spring curling irons that are easy to use and good to your hair. Their “Gets Hot, Stays Hot” technology heats the irons up quickly, and keeps it at a consistent temperature as long as you need it. No more hot spots curling the hair unevenly or burning or overheating the hair. Instead, you get perfectly distributed heat that curls the hair perfectly throughout, so curls are sleek, smooth, and shiny.

The Professional Spring Curling Irons is their most popular spring iron model and it comes in a variety of sizes. It sports a 24k gold plated barrel that properly distributes heat to minimize to occurrence of damaging hot spots.

The Professional Spring Curling Iron Features Include:

* 24K Gold-Plated Iron Barrel
* 85 Watts of Total Power
* 10 Heat Settings and Built-In Rheostat Control
* Separate On/Off Switch
* Superior Mica Heating System
* Rheostat Control with Memorized Heat Settings
* Heavy-Duty Construction
* Extra Long-Life Heating Element
* Powerful Spring Clamp
* Foldaway Safety Stand
* Reaches Full Temperature in 60 Seconds
* Pilot Light
* Voltage: 120V
* Extra-Long Thumb Grip
* Comfortable Soft-Grip Handle
* 8 ft. Heavy-Duty Swivel Power Cord
* One (1) Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Hot Tools has many other models, each constructed out of its own unique materials, offering different benefits to the hair. Another favorite is the Ceramic N Tourmaline spring curling iron, which uses ceramic heat for the most effective and least damaging heat. It also featured tourmaline to heat the hair without burning. Ceramic and tourmaline have both been shown to enhance shine and smoothness, making the hair look healthier. Gone are the days of heat styling your hair, knowing that your beautiful curls are at the expense of the health of your hair. Get your gorgeous curls without the guilt. These professional curling irons are actually good for your hair.

Their Spring Iron sizes range from 3/4 in to 2 in – all hair lengths and styles can find an iron to style their hair exactly how they want. All Hot Tools spring Irons feature the patented heating technology, and because it is patented, you can only get it in a Hot Tools curling iron. Hot Tools users understand why they have become a leading salon brand of styling tools.

See our full selection of Hot Tools Spring.

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