The Reason Anti Aging Skincare Treatments Work


If you’ve gotten a kit full of products that are designed to work in unison to improve the look of your skin, the group of products will usually include an exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, antioxidant rich cream to protect your skin from free radicals, sunscreen to prevent further aging damage, and a moisturizer that will be vitamin rich and add moisture that your skin no longer produces itself.

Skeptics will say that this type of skin care treatment will not improve the looks of your skin but the reality is that it often does. Even though it doesn’t make sense that applying these products to the outer surface could change anything, people often find after a short period of use that their skin is more radiant and smooth. Why?

Some of us simply aren’t very good at taking care of our skin in the way we should. We may opt for a Scarlett O’Hara approach and “worry about that tomorrow”. Suddenly, tomorrow is here and when you look into the mirror, you realize your skin doesn’t have that youthful glow that it used to.

You run out and purchase an anti aging skin care treatment kit that has everything in it to give you back that youthful glow, and for two weeks you faithfully follow the anti aging skin care guide that is included in your kit. Lo and behold, you look into the mirror and see an obvious difference. How is that possible? Simple, just look at that guide that you’ve been following.

First of all, this is the first real attention you have paid to your skin, much less on a regular basis. Skin cells die and fall off naturally, but by using the exfoliator, you speed up the process and give your skin a smoother appearance and feel. If you spend a lot of time out of doors, or just a little, sunscreen applied daily not only protects you from the sun’s damaging rays, but keeps it from drying your skin as well.

It is questionable as to whether the antioxidant rich cream played a part in your newly acquired youthful appearance. Some antioxidants that are applied topically have shown to have a greater effect on skin than others so it simply depends on what the actual ingredients are whether you can give the products the credit. Finally, moisturizer that is applied daily helps restore what your body has lost as you have aged.

So, does that mean that the anti aging properties of your skin care treatment have renewed your skin? Not exactly. The truth is, our skin needs attention. If you never cleaned your face, never put any lotion on it or applied makeup, it wouldn’t take long before your skin would be broken out from clogged up pores and sluggish from built up contaminants. These are the agents that cause a lot of the problems that lead to premature aging.

What that means for you is that whether you use a skin care treatment that is designed to reduce the signs of aging or regular skin care treatment, your skin can only benefit from the attention you give it. Just follow the directions for use and get the biggest benefits you can from your special treatment.

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