Life Extension – 4 Simple Techniques to Add More Birthdays!


There are so many ways to make our lives longer, or extend our lives. A lot of people are taking so many food supplements and vitamins believing it will extend their lives. There is nothing wrong with food supplements and stuff like that. There are just some things/ food that are often taken for granted, and they are the ones who are helpful to us.

At the moment billions of people are still hoping for longevity. Experts said that this is not impossible. Especially if it will be combined with proper diet and healthy lifestyle. This is an important key and it could be better with the addition of:

1. Eat fish – Countries like Italy, Greece, Israel, France and Spain are the leading countries that has longer life span.Their biggest secret lies in the consumption of complete meal rich with whole grains, olive oil, fresh vegetables and fish that are irresistibly delicious. eating fish can :

* helps form red blood cells
* maintains nerve and gastrointestinal tissues

and of course fish has essential fatty acids or EFA that are found in fish oils. A very popular Omega 3 can help us reduce heart attacks, heart failure, stroke and others. so no wonder some fish are close to our hearts.

2. Know the latest – Watch news, read the latest magazines, wear new clothes, surf the internet.
keep yourself updated. Some people says that the news nowadays can give us heart attacks instantly. but of course you have to know more than that. If you keep your self updated to almost anything. It can actually make your brain younger.

3. Laugh – of yes we all know that laughter is the best medicine,( do we always laugh?) but sometimes people forget to laugh, we tend to be serious most of the time. When there are so many problems. Most of the people take things so serious that they get depressed, pressured and unhappy. be happy. watch Comedy shows/movies. laugh with your children. Make fun of yourself every now and then. Remember feeling young can actually make us look young. Extend your lives, laugh!

4. Drink and drink more. Drinking more water, coffee, tea and wine ( in a well balanced way) Can give you benefits especially when you take the enough amounts, again.. enough amounts. Wine and tea prevents heart diseases and certain cancers. While coffee makes diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Kidney stones and liver diseases maintain it’s normal condition. Prevents it from getting worst. always remember! Right amounts only! Again.. Prevention is always better than cure.

Stay happy!

This is written by Ivy Cruz, a mother of two wonderful kids and a loving wife to her husband

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