How Anti Aging Creams Can Help Keep You Looking Young And Sexy


One of today’s hottest topics among women (and to an extent among men too
now) is anti aging and how to reverse the signs of age. The beauty industry has
responded to this by offering a wide array of anti aging creams and other anti
aging products aimed at all pocketbooks, ranging from economical to plain
outrageously priced.

And the question is do any of these often much-vaunted anti aging creams
actually work? And if they do, how precisely do they perform their miracles?

Well the appropriate response to that is that well, yes, they do work – after a
fashion. There certainly are anti aging creams available for a relatively modest
price that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles in a comparatively short period
of regular application. But this really is the limit of their powers: they won’t
actually undo skin damage or eradicate all signs of age; they will simply modify
them, some more effectively than others.

The way they work is like so: they strip upper layers of dead skin cells and
hydrate deeper layers, serving to plump them up and make them look fuller
and healthier. But since such anti aging creams only go skin deep, as it were,
skin damage will reappear once you stop using the anti aging wrinkle cream.

This means fairly heavy regular use, which might be costly depending on your
choice of product. However, if you can afford it or think it’s worth the cost, it won’t
be such an issue. After all, what woman wants to look older than her years
when looking good is so tied up with many women’s self-esteem and sense
of identity.

A compromise solution for those on a tighter budget is to use the cheaper
moisturizers. Some of these, especially if they contain proven wrinkle
reducing substances like vitamins C and E, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids or
AHAs, may suit you quite well. It’s always wise to be a little experimental
though, to make sure you end up with the one that suits your skin best.

So, to sum up: an anti wrinkle face cream will work within limits, depending
on your objective. However, there are other anti aging tactics that should
form an integral part of your beauty routine if you want to stay looking young
and beautiful for as long as possible.

One is: avoid smoking at all costs. Not only is it totally unhealthy, but it will
absolutely deepen wrinkles worse than just about anything except maybe
sunbathing. Which leads to my final point: always use sunscreen as a
matter of course, even if you don’t intend going out beyond a few minutes.

To be really effective, this needs to have an SPF or sun protection factor
of at least 15. As healthy and sexy as tans look, ultraviolet radiation is
probably the fastest way to age your skin. That goes for tanning beds too,
so go easy on those as well if you want to maintain those hot, youthful
looks. can offer a wealth of tips and advice
on looking your best, for women and men of all ages.

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