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One can fight the natural and irreversible flow of growing older by anti-ageing, the process of delaying the consequences of ageing by using exercise, various preventive methods, and avoiding the health hazards. A crucial component of any anti-ageing program is diet. Anti-ageing foods help promote not only endurance and longevity, but also vitality, restful sleep, and energy, while at the same time building a general feeling of well being. These foods support the whole bodily functions by purifying the blood, boosting red cells formation and tissue rebuilding, reducing the risk of chronic health decease and preventing a host of other medical problems such as liver spots, fevers, anemia, muscular dysfunctions and anemia.

Growing older is not a disease; however, it slows down many of the normal processes of the body. This is why proper nutrition is highly important, as it can regenerate new cells and lessen the effects of the ageing process. Moreover, anti-ageing foods help reduce the excess free radicals throughout our bodies, and improve the resistance of our immune system. In this way they favor life extension through constantly and considerably lowering the cholesterol and triglycerides levels back to healthy levels, while speeding up the fat-burning capability and the body metabolism. Moreover, anti-ageing foods have a tremendous role in improving skin tone and texture, and in preventing sagging skin.
Basically, eating vitamin enriched food, such as oily fish, grains, fruits and vegetables in particular, helps promote a healthier lifestyle and prevent cancer, cataracts, blindness, high blood pressure or macular degeneration.

Besides the common regular diets, specialists in anti-ageing therapy and nutrition prescribe specialty diets for those who are on a quest to combat the reminders of age. In fact, one proof of the great effects of anti-ageing diets is the wrinkle-free skin of many aged people.
Some of the naturally available foods which have anti-ageing properties include soy, berries, avocado, garlic, nuts, ginger, watermelon, whole meal pasta and rice and fresh water. Other popular anti-ageing foods are those rich in antioxidants. The list includes carrots, tomatoes, citrus, almonds, bell peppers and berries. Besides foods with antioxidant factors, nutrients such as calcium, beta-carotene, Vitamin B and zinc are also a must for any anti-ageing diet.

Other popular choices resort to the oriental medical traditions. Green tea and gingko biloba are renowned worldwide as powerful antioxidants and for sustaining memory at older age, respectively. Moreover, the Himalayan goji juice is another anti-ageing food recommended for promoting health. Today, all these anti-ageing foods are available not only in supermarkets, but also online.

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