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Anything that promises to fight those wrinkles, skin discoloration and is on the same lines with Anti aging is carrying a huge promise. The scientists are still researching the intricate processes of aging and chemicals that have anti aging effects. Though a large part of the processes by which aging occur still remains unknown, the factors which contribute to it have been fairly studied.

These factors can be internal i.e. age, food habits, exercise, lifestyle etc. or external as environment, pollution etc. Minimizing the harmful effects of such factors can contribute to youthful looks, vitality and anti aging. Many anti aging techniques have been suggested for improving superficial beauty and internal strength. Though they seem simple, they have been long practiced and have no better substitutes for anti aging. The diet is to be of a balanced type focusing of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Exercise is a must to keep fit. As a person exercises, the rush of blood to various parts of the body increases the oxygen flow resulting better healing and anti aging.

Just as it is important to exercise, it is important to distress and relax as well. Today’s lifestyle causes various changes in internal metabolism and also affects the skin. Anti aging includes being clean not only superficially but also by have good bowel movements. There is no better substitute for sleep for anti aging. A good six to eight hours sleep can leave anyone refreshed. Mental health can be improved by taking up a hobby and doing what they do best. Those still not convinced about their looks do opt for Botox treatments and the like. This treatment involves injecting fat into the layers of skin where wrinkles are formed. This fills out the wrinkles and gives a smooth and supple facial contour.

Sound mental health combines with a healthy body and always equates to anti aging.

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