Anti-Aging Diet Makes Wise Food Choices

Why do people want to be young forever, maintain a Hollywood body, build muscles and toned abs? Yet, at the same time, they crave quick fixes, junk food, sex, chocolate, coffee or some other “vice”. The paradox of having the best body and the worst habits haunts us through relentless marketing prodding our innate desires.

Now, marketing’s preoccupation with anti-aging is asking us to make wise “food choices”, foods that burn fat, feed the brain or stop hunger cravings. With the bombardment of the ideal body in marketing, it becomes difficult to separate what is our true yearning from a natural yearning to stay young, maintain energy and live a healthy prolonged life.

If we look at the evolution of the human race, our emotional responses to food were driven by how we hunted, gathered and farmed our food. Now we have such a different approach to food – almost as if choosing food is like choosing fashion and something we can choose (at least some parts of the world population have this choice).

The joy of discovering what is available in your environment and what you can create in your environment has been largely removed from our food choices. The mind is faced with product choices as opposed to the satisfaction of enjoying food through appreciating the colors, smells, and flavors.

It is more important today with all the free time we have available to keep our mind engaged by living with purpose. The key to anti-aging is keeping the mind involved in your life and in creating health and food choices. Ironically, as we age it is MORE important to have education about food choices and nutrition.

The best anti aging treatment is not simply to eat less but to make your food and nutritional choices with some education about what exactly has gone into the food you eat. If we are not hunting for our meals, our food choices can be more conscious and allow power in our food choices instead of resigning to what’s “served” up for us.

In the information age, we are asked to have more information about what creates aging and which foods and nutrition support anti-aging. The best treatment for anti aging is not a restrictive diet. Choosing food wisely becomes a relationship to what nourishes you and avoiding the myths of marketing deciphering what nourishes for you. Coming back to foods with the least amount of processing will always be the best choice.

Come to terms with your lifetime of food choices, by acknowledging what body and health you have now and deciding whether you are happy with your health. If you want greater health, greater longevity and greater choice, then start to educate yourself on what foods and nutrition will bring you the body and life you want.

Angela Ambrosia is dance teacher, performer, movement therapist and workshop facilitator based in New York, Canada and Australia. As a performer she discovered dance and belly dance as a vital way to connect to the joy of life and the power of pleasure. Her movement practice connects women AND men to the healing pleasure of sensuality as well as enhance communication of love with yourself and in your relationships. She offers private sessions, workshops and seminars for men and women to enjoy the freedom of their body, connect to your authentic self and LOVE your body! Go to to receive monthly newsletter and offerings.

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