Acupressure Reduces Many Signs Of Aging – It’s Plain Healthy


Is Acupuncture Real And Useful or Not?

Yes. It doesn’t replace Western Medicine with this ancient Eastern art, but the proof is that it works on specific maladies.

“Acupuncture is an effective, non-pharmacological method to reduce intra-operative nausea during elective cesarean section in the awake patient.” BJ Stein, St. Luke’s Hospital; and Columbia University, college of Physicians and Surgeons.

This research was published in 1997, and has been continually cited in other scientific reports through 2005, on ‘morning-sickness’ and ‘motion-sickness’.

Dr. Robert O. Becker, twice nominated for the Nobel, said in “Cross Currents:
The promise of electro-medicine is: our bodies are filled with electromagnetic energy; meridians, and pressure points contain large amounts of such energy – that non-acupuncture do not exhibit.

Does it impress you that the use of acupuncture, and its sister system – acupressure,are 3,000 years old? Acupuncture is the use of needles at the ‘meridians’, while acupressure is the application of manipulation of the pressure points using the fingers or a tool.

One thing to remember is that acupressure is based on the ‘pulse’ being felt because the spot underlies an ‘artery’. It is neither voodoo nor random massage.

Acupuncture was first reported in the U.S. when Nixon went to China in February 1972 to meet Chairman Mao. In 2006 there are almost 10,000 physicians practicing acupuncture in the U.S., and the federal government endorses research by offering grants.


We suggest that you can gain the benefits of acupressure without the help of a physician, using your own hands. Another method is using simple tools to trigger the healing reflexes of our body, when linked to our mental imagery strategies.

Grab a tubular stick, the wooden part of a mop or broom, or a foot massage ‘roller’sold in sporting goods and natural health stores. Some of our graduates manipulate one-foot at a time, others want to release the stress or initiate massage in both feet simultaneously. Your choice.

The areas to use a ‘roller’ for acupressure are: your feet, hands, face, and ears.
A pen or pencil produces excellent results on the face and ears.


Millions of people worldwide act on the belief that the foot, face and ears contain links to the organs and glands of the body. They believe that massage of one produces an efficacious effect on the other. There is no scientific evidence that massage of ‘reflex points’ on the foot produces an improvement of a particular organ’s condition.

The only good result of daily massage is improved circulation,
and flexibility of the manipulated muscles, tendons and ligaments.
Still, it is non-invasive and potentially useful.

Two-Minute BIS(TM) Behavioral Intelligence Strategy

Step #1 – find a foot roller or use a tubular-stick to place under your naked

Step #2 – sit down, hands on top of your thighs, and drop your shoulders in

Step #3 – eyes open, focus on your feet, and begin to do a log-roll using the palms
of your feet. Move from your toes to your heel, and back. Continuous massage
by rolling your feet back-and-forth often produces warmth in your abdomen or other areas of your body. You have one-minute and about 25 slow rolls to perform.

Step #4 – Simultaneously inhale a diaphragmatic breath, hold it for a count of five,
and slowly exhale – while rolling from toes to heels. This releases stresses and
excites the activation of ‘endorphins’ of deep relaxation.

Step #5 – Now, close your eyes while simultaneously rolling your feet from toes to heels, and mental visualize on the movie-screen of your imagination in great detail exactly what you are physically doing. The goal is both mentally-seeing the virtual reality, and physically exercising. You have one-minute and about 25 slow rolls to perform.

Step #6 – Prior to opening your eyes and getting back to work, mentally repeat
and hear subvocally – “And it is so!”, with great enthusiasm. This Target Affirmation doubles the strength of your acupressure exercise.


You are responsible for your own experiment. The results improve if you follow the law of 21, practicing this six-step exercise for three-weeks until it becomes an ‘engram’, a memory-trace. After that you may use this acupressure method to
randomly improve your immune system and perhaps relieve pain at specific times.

Speedlearners are interested in strategies that produce stressbusting, and perhaps
increase the activity of our immune system. For many years we have been offering
this strategy to graduates. Many have embraced it, and none have complained
of any negative feedback.

We have received scores of recommendations about the roller acupressure system.

“It’s not that some folks have willpower and others don’t.

It’s that some people are ready for self-improvement, and others

are scared of change.”

Evelyn Wood

Can you remember the last personal-growth skill you added to your

Would it improve your career to read-and-remember three (3) books
articles and reports in the time your peers can finish just one?

See ya,

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