Treating and Preventing Acne – The Idiots Guide to Treating and Preventing Acne


Pimples, blackheads and whiteheads have been causing people to freak out for years. I mean think about it how many times have you had a hot date or yearbook pictures only to wake up that very morning with a blemish the size of Mount Everest on your Face? These zits can show up without warning and can not be gone fast enough. So what can we do to combat these pesky pimples?

The first step is to prevent acne from occurring in the first place. This can be done by washing the face first thing in the morning and then at evening before bed with a mild soap. Ladies be sure to remove makeup prior to going to bed. Falling asleep with cosmetics on even if only for an hour can be tragic for the face. Cleansing your face this often will keep bacteria from clogging your pores thus preventing a pimple from forming

Although it is rumored greasy foods and chocolate may cause acne there is little evidence to link this to acne. There has only been on food recently associated with acne breakouts and this is vegetable / sunflower oils. These can cause an outbreak within 30 minutes of ingesting it.

Should you have current acne you want to clear up I suggest using a topical cream. There are plenty on the market to choose from. I suggest using one that is gentle on the face. Above all means do not ever pop your pimples. All though this is rumored to help make them disappear faster it can cause your face to scar. It also will spread the acne causing bacteria all over your face making it easy to get further breakouts.

If you currently have mild to moderate acne there is an awesome e-book that will tell you how to make it literally disappear in three days. See my resource box below for details. Using a proper plan to treat and prevent pimples is the best way to enure that your skin not only looks good but is truly healthy. Get the latest up to date acne tips here at

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