The Effects of Retin A for Acne Treatment

Much recent evidence points to the beneficial effects of Retin A in treating more serious cases of acne, as well as aged, sun-damaged skin and stretch marks. However, as with most prescription medications, there are potential adverse reactions that you should be aware of before you begin treatment.

Retin A, or tretinoin, is a derivative of vitamin A and is available in a variety of forms. Retin A cream is weaker than the gel as the medication is less able to penetrate the skin in cream form. It acts to unplug acne follicles and bring the pimple to the surface, as well as prevent new pimple formation.

Since one of the effects of Retin A cream applications is to extrude the pimple, it initially appears as if it is making the situation worse. As such dermatologists recommend that you give it time to work, sometimes up to a year or more for maximum Retin A results.

Although minor side effects of Retin A are quite common, they are usually mild and will subside within six to eight weeks. They may include unusual darkening of the skin, slight discoloration or redness. Slight peeling of the skin has also been reported in many cases as has swelling. You should avoid direct sunlight in the early stages of using Retin A, as it will dramatically increase your chances of sunburn.

Don’t let the adverse effects of Retin A discourage you from discussing this treatment regimen with your dermatologist; for serious cases, this can be the only remedy that works for you. Retin A results speak to the efficacy of this medication in getting severe acne breakouts under control.

If you have blemished skin you might want to try natural treatment options before you look into potent prescription applications. There are natural formulas with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can be as effective as a Retin A cream or gel.

There are many other treatment options for acne, from benzoyl peroxide OTC medications such as Clearasil, Oxy and Proactiv to oral drugs like Accutane and you should certainly check with a dermatologist to find out which is right for you. Retin A results are quite favorable as are those for some natural solutions, it’s just a matter of figuring out which is right for you.

David Bloom is an avid health enthusiast and a regular contributor to a variety of health websites. He is the author of Natural Acne Treatments and Effects of Retin A, a blog dedicated to the treatment of acne, covering conventional and natural remedies for clearing up blemished skin.

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