Stop Squeezing Your Pimples – Eat More And Get Rid Of Acne

Now, have you ever bought into the belief that food causes acne ? Well, if you have, then you may be partly right. And partly wrong. Foods like coffee and others do not necessarily cause acne. If you keep guzzling gallons of coffee a day, it does not necessarily mean that you will start breaking out all over your body in no time flat…

On the other hand, you might start breaking out even if you drink only a cup of coffee once a day or so …

You see, the cause of acne is not “out there”. It is really inside you. The state your liver and other excretory organs are in may really determine how prone you are to acne.

If your liver, kidneys and colon are in peak shape, then you could possibly eat just about anything edible you want and still get away with it. You can eat junk food all day long and still have great skin. At least for a while until you damage your liver, that is

But if your liver, kidneys and colon are in horrible condition, then eating junk food may be the ticket to ill health and bad skin. Even a bit of junk food could possibly overwhelm your body’s mechanisms.

So how do you deal with this ? Well, you might want to …

Change Your Diet !

You might want to quit all junk food, dairy and meats and start eating lots of organic fresh fruits, raw vegetables and nuts. In huge quantities if you want. All day long, whenever you feel like gorging on food.

And why do that ? Because junk foods, processed foods and dairy put a lot of stress on your liver and other excretory organs. Your skin is an excretory organ too, the largest. Your liver will have to filter out all the chemicals that you ingest into your body. And after a while, it starts losing its efficiency and the wastes it could not handle will now have to be handled by your kidneys and your skin. Acne is thought to be what results when the liver is overwhelmed and a lot of the wastes are being handled by the skin. In case you have any medical conditions like diabetes, then you might want to consult your doctor regarding what natural foods you may eat.

Eat only fresh fruits, raw vegetables and nuts, drink water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices that you prepare – not the ones that come packed and loaded with preservatives. This diet will give your excretory organs some much needed rest and the ability to clear out all the accumulated wastes. In time, your liver should be performing at its peak again and you would have kissed your acne goodbye!

Eat Like a Pig All Day Long, And Get Rid of Acne ! Here’s How ! []

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