Is Acne Blemish Laser Treatment For You


Acne blemish laser treatments are pretty pricey so it is advisable that you have some money if you are desperate to use this technique. There are different types all ranging of lasers ranging from carbon dioxide and no ablative lasers.

Don’t worry it is not as painfully as it sounds actually it is pretty painless and with this technique you would be able to rid the effects of zits pimples.

Acne laser treatment costs

Although the success rate is pretty face like I said before it is pretty pricey. But I guess for prices ranging around $500 you would expect it to pretty successful. But if you are a bit short of money do not worry you can still have better success at a cheaper price with natural remedies without the side effects which I will mention later.

Acne Laser Treatment How Does It Work?

Like I said before it is pretty painless the procedure works like this.
Sebaceous glands are responsible for acne so it is important that they are gotten rid of. This process is done by a laser device focuses on acne areas of the skin. Pulsating heat is emitted below the skins surface and it gets rid of the sebaceous glands. After this process creams are rubbed on the surface to make it painless for the patient.

Laser Acne Treatment

Non-ablative lasers Stimulate collagen growth by lasers going underneath the skin and strengthen underlying skin
Erbium Lasers This method of treatment is used on patients with facial wrinkles and blemishes. It works by lasers going underneath the skin with the heat from the lasers passing on to the water molecules.
Carbon dioxide laser removes all zits and pimples. This is done by short burst of light energy to the skin. This process vaporizes layers of damaged skin layer by layer.

Blemish Laser Treatment Side Effects

The side effects of all these treatments are skin discoloration, and in most cases high swelling of the affected areas.The carbon dioxide laser usually produces high levels of pigmentation during treatment.

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